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Versacork Tile

Versacork's mission is to expand the use of innovative cork products in the marketplace, as there is tremendous ecological value in its expanded use in the overall marketplace, both in just creating bet products, but also in relieving focus on non-sustainable raw materials and processes with inevitably h us as individuals, and us collectively as a world trying to improve our future outlook. Our roots are deeply entrenched in sustainability, and providing continual net gains in environmental stewardship.


Versacork is nimble, innovative, and focused on creating environmental successes. Starting as a product development firm in Germany in the late 1990’s, as Bliele Bodenbelag, Versacork has since expanded its operation, sales, and infrastructure into the global market, with sales partners in over 50 countries. Though the brand and face of the company has transformed over the years, the elements which created the initial success exist, and still thrive today.

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