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Crystal Cabinetry

At INDIGOGreen, we carry the entire Crystal Cabinetry line of Green Quest Cabinetry. We have a local designer and installer for these cabinets. 

For information and quotes please call INDIGOGreen. 

Introducing GreenQuest by Crystal- GreenQuest is our new frameless, environmentally-friendly cabinet line that offers a multitude of options to design healthy and sustainable custom cabinetry. 

GreenQuest allows customers to create their cabinetry by choosing green materials and features that are especially important to them and their projects. 

With GreenQuest cabinetry, customers may choose from an array of green features: 

  • no-added urea formaldehyde boxwork

  • wood species certified according to the Forest Stewardship Council criteria

  • low-emitting water-based finishes

  • recycled materials

  • rapidly-renewable materials.

  • Product uses an ultra-low VOC* water-based finish that meets California requirements. 

  • Wood is FSC-certified, meaning that it is harvested from forests that are well-managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. 

  • Green-Core plywood and particleboard contains renewable wood fiber with no added urea-formaldehyde resins. 

  • Green-Core plywood is made with a patented soy-based resin and no added urea-formaldehyde. 

  • Green-Core particleboard is 100% recycled with a no added urea-formaldehyde exterior-grade resin. 

  • Crystal meets the requirements of ESP* 01-06 for Air Quality, Resource Management of Product and Process, Environmental Stewardship and Community Relations and is an approved participant in the KCMA* Environmental Stewardship Program. 

  • Products made with CPA*- certified EPP* composite wood panels are among the greenest you can buy. This seal is your assurance that the products you’re getting from Crystal are environmentally responsible. 

  • Green-Guard Laminates Significantly diminishes emissions. 

  • Enginered Veners. Engineered veneers are green because they utilize under-valued wood species and are available with Green-Core. 

  • LYPTUS. 

    • Harvested from sustainably-managed forests. 

  • BAMBOO. 

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