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Fireclay Tile

Fireclay Tile’s mission is to produce the most beautiful, durable ceramic products using sustainable manufacturing processes and recycled materials. We are innovators and actively engaged in developing new ceramic technologies while preserving “old world” methods.


Fireclay Tile was established in 1986 by four partners with over 50 years experience in the design and production of handmade tiles. Paul Burns,


Fireclay’s Chief Ceramicist, has been the majority partner and president of Fireclay Tile since its inception.


About Fireclay Tile: Fireclay Tile is the leading ceramic tile company using recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing practices.


Leadless Glazes: In 1988 Fireclay Tile converted to a system of 100% leadless glazes. The first tile maker to make such a step at a time when leadless glaze technology was in its infancy. 


Debris Tile: In 2000 Fireclay Tile began incorporating 25% post-industrial recycled content (granite dust) into its tile. Today, Debris Tile is composed of over 70% recycled content, the majority of which is post-consumer waste from glass bottles. Energy used to make Debris tiles are 50% of other tile manufacturers due to its high recycled content.

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