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About INDIGOGreen

Founded in the summer of 2007, INDIGOGreen was much more than a desire to bring sustainable building products to the world, it was a commitment to our planet, our community, our families, and ourselves to live smarter. To make that commitment a reality, INDIGOGreen opened to help make a positive environmental change as a business and to consider in ethical terms, what we purchase, how we build our homes, and what we put inside them. The process was complex, but the idea was simple: create a place that our community can go to learn about topics of sustainability while at the same time making time-tested, green products available that are healthier for us and our planet. 


Our Vision Statement:

Inspiring ourselves, the community and the world by sharing the secrets of a modern sustainable lifestyle. 


Our Mission Statement:

Responsibly providing communities with state of the art sustainable solutions. Impacting our world through an innovative multi-faceted business that places people and planet alongside growth and prosperity. 


We at INDIGO have carefully researched our products so that you don’t have to. You can be assured the companies that have created these sustainable items are themselves practicing an ethic of sustainability. We look to see that the product was produced with recycled content, can be recycled, has eliminated unnecessary chemicals, is generally considered sustainable and that the company has proven their concern for the environment, their workers and their local culture through their own business practices and general philosophies. 


We are committed to the process of inspiring ourselves and our community towards lifestyle practices and purchasing decisions that incorporate function, style, and sustainability. To facilitate this, we offer additional SERVICES to make going green easy. From helping you choose your products, to design, to installation and construction, we will help make the price and process competitive, complete, and simple. At INDIGOGreen, we hope to exceed your expectations of what a green store can do for you, our community, and our world.

Why INDIGOGreen?

Please click here to hear the owner, Liberty Phoenix's story about why she opened INDIGOGreen. 

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