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Ecofusion Flooring

EcoFusion is one of the leading, premier flooring manufactures, providing some of the highest quality and most affordable flooring options in the United States. EcoFusion specializes in manufacturing new modern bamboo flooring, strand woven, hardwood flooring, strandwoven bamboo, as well as dyed and stained bamboo. EcoFusion specializes in creating beautiful floors that are environmentally friendly compared to other hardwoods and bamboo products that are offered. To create the Color Fusion dye-infused strand woven bamboo the bamboo is dyed first with a unique coloring process using all natural plant-based pigments. This high quality strand woven bamboo is manufactured using low emitting materials. EcoFusion is also to be considered as very green flooring, as all products used in the strandwoven hardwood are made from 100% post-industrial recycled materials. EcoFusion takes added efforts to ensure the quality of thier flooring products by eliminating the use of volatile organic compounds. Moso bamboo which is the prime ingredient in EcoFusion's bamboo flooring products is also a rapidly renewable resource. 


Made from the ONLY 100% vertically integrated mill importing directly into North America (we grow, harvest and process our own bamboo). Manufactured using 100% Moso Bamboo harvested between 5 and 6 years for ideal strength. Proprietary engineered cross-grain bamboo core for optimal performance and stability. No added urea formaldehyde or other harmful VOC’s. FSC bamboo available (custom order)

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