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TorZo Surfaces is a division of Specialty Polymers, a family-owned company that develops and manufactures water-based polymers used in making paints, sealers and adhesives. After years of research and market development, TorZo Surfaces officially launched in 2008, introducing a unique and stunning line of interior surfacing materials. Through its unique infusion process, TorZo melds the science of polymer chemistry with the sustainability of recycled wood and agricultural by-products to create six durable and elegant architectural surface materials.

An Unexpected Journey
Our journey began in 2004 as a research and development project that focused on infusing solid wood with an acrylic polymer. The acrylic-infused wood was launched under the name WoodSure™, which still processes solid wood materials that are used for flooring and furniture, as well as by artists. By 2007, the sustainable community was clamoring for green materials that could be used in the building industry. Specialty Polymers responded and began applying its polymer infusion technology to a wide range of sustainable composite boards made of recycled timber and agricultural by-products. In 2008, TorZo launched with four lines of sustainable surfacing products made from wheat, sunflower hulls, Forest Stewardship Council-certified MDF and particle board. TorZo has since expanded to include six surfacing products: Durum (wheat), Hemp, Indure (recycled wood fiber), Orient (recycled wood chips), Parda (recycled wood fiber) and Tiikeri (sorghum).


TorZo's polymer infusion process significantly increases the hardness and durability of the natural boards we use. Available in a variety of colors, TorZo's wood- and grass-based materials are a stylish option for high-wear and decorative indoor environments.

No added urea formaldehyde

All of our products contain no added urea formaldehyde, helping to create healthier indoor air quality.


Recycled content — wheat, sorghum, hemp and wood — constitutes 50%-75% of our sheet goods. We utilize parts of these crops and scraps of timber that would otherwise go to landfills.

Rapidly renewable

The wheat, sorghum and hemp fibers that create such unique TorZo textures come from plants that grow quickly and are considered rapidly renewable.

Certified wood

TorZo Surfaces uses only recycled wood products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Ask for FSC® products.


Made in the U.S.A.

All TorZo products are made in Woodburn, Oregon.

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