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Water is one of our planet’s most precious natural resources. It’s not only valuable that we all work to save this resource, but it’s smart to help save money on water usage as well. As a professional, you know well the value of water-saving products and services to the customers that desire them. From high efficiency toilets that can save thousands of gallons of water a year to low flow showerheads that refresh while respecting a budget, Niagara Conservation is pleased to help you by offering the finest water conservation and water-saving products available. 

Niagara is a trusted resource for water conservation solutions for professionals and contractors in the following industries:


Plumbing Professionals: Plumbers and contractors working on plumbing projects choose Niagara Conservation’s high efficiency toilets, water saving showerheads, and kitchen and bath aerators to deliver their customers superior performance and significant water savings.

Utility Professionals: Through innovative programs like Niagara Green City, which helps your municipality save money without adding cost or burden to your budget, Niagara Conservation helps cut water consumption. 

Property Managers: No matter what size apartment, multi-family dwelling, or commercial property you manage, you’ll find that the financial savings offered by Niagara’s lineup of water conservation products will make a positive impact on your bottom line.

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