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Higuera Countertops

Higuera Hardwoods manufactures and distributes a complete product line of the finest bamboo panels/plywood’s, veneer's and countertop materials for your environment. 

Our bamboo panels are 100 percent renewable bamboo material, (NAUF) no added Urea Formaldehyde and they are all (FSC) Forestry Stewardship Certified material to ensure our environment is being protected.

We use only the finest adhesives that that are both strong and urea formaldehyde emissions free. 

  • All Bamboo panels/veneers are unfinished 

  • Bamboo is compatible with most industrial finishes 

  • Can be fire-treated to meet Class 1 requirements (please check on local code requirements)

  • Bamboo panel are available in our stocking size of 4' x 8' sheets.

  • Custom panel sizes are available.

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